1. Why choose you?
Since entering the international market, we have become partners of many foreign trading companies.

2. Can you offer design service?
Our team consist of Architects and Engineers. Our Staff can prepare architectural, construction and executive drawings for you, always with appropriate calculations and adaptation to local conditions.

3. How can I receive a price from you?
You need to choose one of our catalogue product and introduce some modifications if is needed, or send us a simple sketch, even made by hand, with principal dimensions, type of finishes and equipment. We will send you back the quotation according to our standard technology.

4. Do you have installation team?
We can arrange a team abrod. At the beginning installation drawings will be given then the we can arrange engineers to do the instruction on the project site.

5. Where do you deliver?
To all European countries.

6. Which type of foundation is needed?
Prefab concrete blocks or screw foundations, the amount depends on the size of the Module and is always given by our Engineer. The concrete blocks should be installed one week before the delivery and the screw foundations can be installed the day before.

7. How is it installed?
The Modules arrive on a truck and they are pick up with a crane.

8. How much is the transport?
The transportation cost depends on the exact location and the size of the Module.

9. How is it built?
The Mudule structure is made in a wooden frame technology, filled with insulation or in cross laminated timber (CLT) technology.

10. What are the measurements?
The width is 3m or 3,5m and the length till 13m. Adding different modules next or on top of each other gives you the possibility to create bigger spaces.

11. What is the delivery time from the signature of contract?
About three months, depending on the volume of our production at the time of ordering.

12. Can the Module be installed anywhere?
Yes, but the road towards the destination should be accessible by truck and crane. The crane should not have any obstacles in his turning circle and the area along the road should be well prepared, for example there should be no branches interfere with the passage of the truck.

13. Where are you located?
The Modules are built in Poland and from there transported to the Client.

14. Are there any on-site preparations to be made before the product is delivered?
The Customer must lead the media (elec, plumbery, gas) to the place where the house will be installed, he needs to make the connections of electricity (with a simple plug-in cable), water and sewage between the Module and the network. If the terrace and/or fire place were provided in the project, they should be installed separately after the delivery.

15. Do you work with certificated wood?
Yes, we use the timber with FSC and PEFC certificates.
16. What type of heating is used?
We can use all types of heating, but preferable is electrical.